Europe Travels 2011: Barcelona, Spain

Hello friends!

Yes I realize that it’s been quite some time since I last blogged…but I’ve honestly been mentally and physically exhausted from photography. It was nice to take a month off and just live life. I know what many of you are thinking….why is she giving up her dream. I’m in fact NOT giving up my dream….just slowing down a bit. Many of you know that I work a full time job and that photography was a 2nd job for me. I was spending all my free evenings after work and on the weekends engaging in photography. Editing, photographing, and blogging. It consumed A LOT if my time. I eventually just became exhausted from practically working 60-70 hours a week between both jobs.

I’m still accepting clients/jobs and will continue to take pictures. That will never stop! I am just not putting myself out there as much as I had been. I will spend more time enjoying my family and friends and documenting my personal life and photography jobs from time to time on the blog. It got to the point where I was trying to keep up with the Joneses (other photographers), which became impossible. The truth is that these other photographers have one job and one job only! And that’s photography. So they have the time, energy, and resources to put more energy into a photography business than I do. Anyways I hope you guys understand where I am coming from and will still be excited to see my updates on life and everything else. I won’t be too far! 🙂

Let’s get to the important stuff. For my one year anniversary, my husband and I traveled to Europe with my family. I took over 1100 pictures and this is why I am just now posting them a month later. Since there are so many pictures…I decided to do a blog for each of the 6 stops that we took while on our vacation. My family and I love to cruise. I’d been to Europe before, but had never visited any of the cities we went to this time around. Although we use various cruise lines for our trips, this time around we cruised with Royal Caribbean.  I think I  love them so much because e the food is especially awesome. LOL. We cruised on Voyager of the Seas. This is a ship I had never been on before, complete with a shopping mall, movie theater, rock climbing wall, mini golf course, and an ice skating rink. Pretty spectacular if you ask me.

Before getting on the ship….we first flew in to Barcelona Spain where the ship was to deport. We enjoyed Barcelona very much and I hope to be back there some day. The architecture in Europe is so beautiful and I wish we had more places like this is the states.

Enjoy the pics!!




Protester in Barcelona


My mom browsing at post cards! 🙂

My favorite moment in Barcelona is when we were eating dinner and this band came down the street jammin’. It was awesome!

Tapas in Barcelona

Sangria!!! The best!

Spanish desserts

The next blog will be covering Toulon, France. I took a ton more pictures there!

Happy Friday!

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