Erin S. Portrait Session | Lawrenceville, GA

Well…..I know what you’re going to say! It’s been FOREVER since I blogged, photographed something, or even touched my facebook fan page. I am still alive. I just needed a break as working a full time job and trying to run a photography business full time became overwhelming. Something had to give because I became exhausted. Now that I’m back, I’ve found a way to balance it out without wearing myself thin. I’ve put the fun back into what I love doing.

Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays, enough about that. A week ago I had the opportunity to shoot Erin. She was brought to me through a past client who’s date at met her at her place of business. He inquired on whether or not she had modeled before…and to be quite honest she hadn’t, but liked the idea of it. Erin was then put in contact with me and boy was I glad. WOWZERS is all I can say. Erin was S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!! For someone who had NEVER been in front of a camera….I was amazed at how easily it took to her. The best part is that Erin took direction very well. She was will to do anything I asked of her to get “the shot.”

I hope you’ll enjoy looking at these photos as much as I do. I have to admit that this session has become a new favorite! 🙂

Hoping you guys are having a great week thus far!




Amazing location right?

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  1. Hey Welcome back! I was wondering where your post went. I’ll add you on a facebook too. I know EXACTLY how overwhelming it can be to work full time AND run photography full time. It’s very hard to give slack to something b/c you want to put as much as you can into what you love…… There are many days after working 14 hours days where I think “What am I doing to myself?!” I too get very drained and exhausted at times. I’m glad you found a balance, You’re images are wonderful! keep up the good work and It will pay it off… day you will only need to worry about 1 full time job! 🙂

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