Letter To The Little Ones (happy 10 month birthday)

Happy 10 month birthday to my babies! And my apologies for being a day late with this post! We’ve been very busy lately!

It’s the start of February! Crazy! This time last year I was pregnant with the two of you and spending my days preparing for your baby shower. I say this every single letter, but my mind is blown at how fast time truly is going.

New developments so far this month:

Claps hands
Covers ears when it gets too loud
Holds her own bottle

Claps hands
Scoots around the floor
Bites everything, especially people lol

As each month passes, you guys get more and more exciting and even more entertaining! I love you two so much! Looking forward to what surprises month 11 brings!

Love forever and always,


Play time before bed time #hickstwins

First bath together 1.18.13
#hickstwins first bath together

First Texas A&M game ever
Should be watching the Falcons game but I'm supporting my Aggies while they play Georgia! #gigem

I love our mornings together….
It's a #Polo kind of day :) #hickstwins

The nuggets at daycare this morning! Miss them already!! #hickstwins

This face…lol
*smirk* #hickstwins #tenleybear

He looks like he’s about to fight somebody…lol
#bedhead #hickstwins #tatertot

My little sheep….
My little sheep!!  #hickstwins #tenleybear

My chunky monkey..
Chunky monkey  #hickstwins #tate100

Lamb slam….that poor little lamb had no chance
My babies.... #latergram #hickstwins

My nuggets
Good morning from the #hickstwins #latergram

A true mama’s boy
Watching @wendywilliams with mama #hickstwins #tate100

And mommy’s little girl
Bear #hickstwins

They’re my whole world…..and I wouldn’t change a thing!
Good morning loves!! Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!! #hickstwins

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